Goodberry's Creamery Erindale and Belconnen are locally owned and operated stores based right here in Canberra. Owned and run by people who are passionate both about the Canberra community and about providing a fresh, healthy and tasty variety of products to their customers, Goodberry's has long been a favourite amongst the community.

Learn about frozen custard and our wide range of fresh treats.


With HarryGoodberry's Creameries began over in the United States back in 1988. Founded on the principle of bringing back ice-cream (the way it used to be), Goodberry's quickly became a hit in North and South Carolina and spawned many copy cats throughout the United States. Visit Goodberry's in the USA.

In the late 1990's the first Australian Goodberry's store was opened right here in Canberra - Gartside St in Erindale. It didn't take long for the Australian equivalent of Goodberry's to match it's US counterparts success. Soon Goodberry's had become a household name, particularly in the south of Canberra.

In 2003 the Erindale store was bought by its present owners while the previous owner began expanding the franchise, first to Belconnen, then to Dickson and Woden, bringing the fantastic frozen custard taste sensation to the rest of Canberra.

In 2007, the Erindale team met with Goodberry's in the USA and reforged the partnership that had been broken by the collapse of the old franchisor. The result is the same store, with the same owners, the same staff, the same great service, and best of all, the same fantastic products, but returned to the Goodberry's name.

In 2012, the team at Erindale were pleased to return the Goodberry's name and fantastic product to the Belconnen store.

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