Frozen Custard

How we advanced the taste of ice-cream by going back 80 years...


CowSeventy or eighty years ago, if you wanted really fresh ice cream you didn't go to the grocery store or your freezer, you loaded up the family car and went to the creamery... right there, next to the dairy. That's where they made the ice cream fresh, with real cream, real fruit, real nuts, and real care. It was semi-soft, just the way it came from the churn, and it was just minutes old... not days or weeks. Fresh. It's what made all the difference. There's never been anything since that was as good... until now.

Not hard frozen, not shipped thousands of miles in freezer trucks, not held for weeks or months in some supermarket's cold storage depot, our frozen custard is made fresh every hour right here in the store, right before your eyes. It doesn't get any fresher than that... and it doesn't get any better than that either.

Making our genuine frozen custard fresh hourly allows us to use the finest, freshest, all-natural ingredients without any of the preservatives and stabilizers others use. Like we always say, "What you leave out is just as important as what you put in."

So take a trip back in time at Goodberry's, your very own neighbourhood creamery, to a time when ice cream was made with pure and wholesome natural ingredients and served fresh every day.

Goodberry's Ingredients:Ingredients
Milk, Cream, Egg, Pure Cane Sugar, Honey



Ingredients in 'other' ice creams - and NOT in Goodberry's Frozen Custard:

Milkfat and nonfat milk, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, whey, artificial flavours, mono & digylce rides, carbo bean gum, cullolose gum, guar gum, polyso rbate 80, carrgeenan, annatto

Preservatives and stabilisers don't taste very good. And even if they did, we wouldn't use them. You see, at Goodberry's we make our creamy all-natural frozen custard with no preservatives or stabilisers, just like you would make for your family at home. You wouldn't add any chemicals to your fresh ingredients, and neither do we.

What's more, Goodberry's uses only natural flavourings for all our delicious frozen custard flavours. Our very own 100% pure vanilla extract, for example, is made from Madagascan Bourbon vanilla beans - the most rare and highest quality beans in the world. We then age the extract to perfection, allowing a mature vanilla flavour to develop before we ever use it in our frozen custard.

Our Guarantee:

While others use artificial ingredients to cut costs, Goodberry's will not compromise. We will continue to make a "Pure & Wholesome" genuine frozen custard just as it was made freshly at dairies and creameries seventy odd years ago using the finest ingredients available. At Goodberry's you will always get the freshest and highest quality frozen dessert being made anywhere in the world.

Did you know? Air 2

Some manufacturers pump as much air in their frozen desserts as they have ingredients. In fact, some manufacturers have as much air in four litres of their frozen dessert as we have in 10 litres of our rich, creamy frozen custard! If you're buying air, you're not buying taste.


Here's why:

Due to both the mixing process and by some manufacturers design, ice cream products invariably contain some amount of air in the finished product. The industry term for the amount of air in ice cream is "overrun". According to the US Department of Agriculture, no ice cream can contain more air by volume than the volume of its other ingredients. Consequently, the maximum allowable overrun of an ice cream is 100% - in other words, a litre of ice cream mix with 100% overrun produces two litres of finished product. Inexpensive supermarket ice creams are overly airy and are categorised as 100% overrun products whereas gourmet ice creams are more dense 35-50% overrun products.

By comparison, Goodberry's Genuine Frozen Custard contains an overrun of only about 20%, which is the natural amount of air that our exclusively designed frozen custard equipment incorporates into the product.


The result: less air, better value and a rich and creamier frozen custard!

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